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Charging a Lead Crystal Battery

In this Tech Video we go through the correct way to charge a Lead Crystal Battery.

12 thoughts on “Charging a Lead Crystal Battery

  1. Ian says:

    Is this battery lead carbon acid battery?

    1. marketingau says:

      Hi Ian, no there are not. There is no carbon in our batteries.

  2. John says:

    Can a Lead Crystal Battery be used in a Smart Battery Box (e.g. ArkPak, Engel, Thunder Weekender) as a direct replacement for an AGM?
    If yes, what charge cycle would need to be selected as they only list Lead Acid, Gel, Calcium & AGM at the set up screen?

    1. marketingau says:

      Hi John,

      Yes a Lead Crystal Battery can be used in a smart box. The closest charge cycle would be the AGM setting. Make sure the battery is fully charged before it goes in the smart box. Now Lead Crystal Batteries (CNFJ range) must be charged at 30% of their rated capacity. So if you had a 100amp hour CNFJ battery you need to charge it at 30amps so you’ll need a 30amp charger. If you have an EVFJ Battery they can be charged at 20% of their rated capacity so use a 20amp charger.

      If you have any other questions give us a call on 07 3807 3513.

  3. Kerry says:

    Im looking at purchasing these batteries for my replacements in both my caravan and vehicle for cycling use instead of lithium.
    I can see know problem with caravan as I will fit 1 x 120ah in caravan to replace my current 2 x 100ah gel and replace my charger with a 40 ah smart charger = 30% as you stress this is important.
    My main question is related to the 30% requirement as I’m looking at replacing my vehicle auxiliaries with 2x 150ah and ther are not to many 90amp ac chargers available. I currently have an enerdrive 40amp dcdc charger and 120w solar. This is to be setup to run 2000w inverter to caravan when free camping..
    Your thoughts on this application would be much appreciated.

    1. marketingau says:

      Hi Kerry, I was about to suggest you call our office to discuss but understand you just spoke to Steve in our office and he went though everything with you. All the best!
      Betta Batteries

  4. Mark says:

    Our Toyota Tray back has been sitting for 3 months with an appliance on.
    The Battery is 6-CNFJ 90 production date 2 years ago, installed 12 moth ago.
    It is reading 10 volts, what is the best way i can bring it back to life
    The battery charger is a PROJECTA 7 stage IC2500
    Do i set it at AGM 25 AMP and let it do it,s thing, please advice, cheers Mark

    1. marketingau says:

      Sorry for the delay in reply MARK. The best way would be to do a few charge cycles using a 12volt 30Amp AC/DC charger
      1. Charge the battery to full State of charge
      2. Discharge the battery to 10.5 volt
      Repeat this process 3 times, the battery should recover to 100% rated capacity once done

  5. Paul says:

    Hi there,

    I am looking for a DC-DC solution.

    I have a 24VDC setup in my truck but need to charge a 12V Lead Crystal battery. I want to be able to charge the battery from the truck but I also want to be able to charge the battery from a 100W solar panel mounted on my roof.

    What would be the best solution including charger for this?

    1. marketingau says:

      Sorry for the delay in replying Paul. Betta Batteries manufacture the Lead Crystal Batteries and can only recommend some products that would be able to do the required functions, we do not manufacture chargers and have to rely on other equipment manufacturers to produce products that perform to their specifications.

      Option 1. CTEK has an 24 – 12 DC/DC with solar input that would be able to do the required functions
      Option 2. Redarc also manufactures a 24 – 12 DC/DC with solar input

      The choice would ultimately lie with you as to the budget available and the expected life you need from the combination

  6. Shane Gately says:

    How do lead crystal batteries go with charging from a solar controller. With a 200w panel and MPPT I would expect around 10-12 amps in decent sun. How do you get the 30% of rated capacity into a 100ah or 200ah lead crystal battery setup when relying on solar for extended period off grid?

    1. marketingau says:

      Hi Shane, you are correct 1 x 200watt panel won’t cut it. The only way is to increase the number of solar panels on your vehicle to produce the charge current required. Our EVFJ rate only requires 20% charge current of the C10 rate of the battery. As an example a 6-EVFJ-100 has a C10 rate of 115AH hence you would require 23amps of charge current. Maybe something to consider. Hope that goes some way to answering your question. If you have any other questions feel free to give us a call in the office on 07 3807 3513.

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