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With the rapid growth in interest in Energy Storage and the influx of Lithium into the market it is important that Betta Batteries raises its voice and shows the world what is possible with our very own Lead Crystal technology.  There are massive benefits that our unique technology has over other battery technologies. So the decision was made to build a small, portable and extremely flexible Energy Storage solution.  We affectionately call our little shipping container “Chubby

The absolute strength of Betta Batteries Energy Storage Solution (Chubby) lies in its simplicity.  No expensive battery management systems, no energy hungry climate control systems, portability and flexibility of charging options.

Benefits of Lead Crystal Technology in Energy Storage applications

  • Betta Batteries Lead Crystal Batteries can handle a wider temperature range from -40 to +65 Degrees Celsius.  This means we don’t need to power expensive and high energy consuming air-conditioning units.  Chubby literally has two fans that draw air through the unit to provide adequate cooling for the batteries and equipment even in hot climates.  Our batteries are proven in Africa and Australia and are even used throughout deserts in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Betta Batteries Lead Crystal Batteries can be discharged deeper.  Traditional Lead Acid batteries cannot be discharge to extremely low levels without significantly reducing the life of the batteries.  The Lead Crystal Technology can be discharged to and amazingly low 0 Zero volts between 200 and 400 times (depending on Temperature).  At a ridiculously low 80% DOD our batteries will still produce 1800 cycles.  So there is more usable energy in the battery making it ideal for critical installations.
  • Massive cycle counts.  6600 cycles at 20% DOD, 3400 cycles at 50% is massive numbers for lead based technology.
  • Environmental Credentials.   One of the most recyclable batteries commercially made a Lead Crystal contains less than 5% acid and NO ANTIMONY OR CADMIUM.  In fact our batteries are 99.7% recyclable.
  • SAFE Betta Batteries Lead Crystal Batteries are completely safe for transport and classed as NON HAZARDOUS goods making transport and more importantly your responsibilities for transport, extremely safe.  Non gassing the Lead Crystal does not produce dangerous amounts of Hydrogen.


  • AC Output – 20Kw Kilowatt 3 Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 2 x 10Kw units in parallel – can handle higher peaks for short periods of time.
  • Battery Storage – 100 Kilowatt Hours of USABLE ENERGY Storage.
  • Charging Options
    • Grid Connectable – Three Phase Input
    • 4 MPPT Solar Strings can be connected
    • Optional Generator Transfer Switch
  • Grid Feedback – Fully CEC listed and Australian standards certified Chubby can feed excess energy back to the Grid
  • Built for Safety
    • Keypad coded lock out box to prevent entry by non authorised or certified people.
    • Onboard PLC controls many safety aspects from door sensor, smoke alarms, AC Isolation, Beacon light, Emergency shut down switch.
    • High standards of electrical safety and standards compliance
    • Lightening protection and Earth spikes
    • Perspex covers for bus bars to eliminate the risk of shorting the DC circuits
    • Lighting Internally
    • Battery retention for transport safety – The batteries are strapped in to prevent movement in transport.
  • Portable – Built within a miniature shipping container Chubby can be craned, forklifted (4 Ton rated) or even dragged onto a tilt tray.  It has been built tough to handle the rough stuff.
  • Automatic temperature controlled Fan cooling with insulated interior to reduce the fan times and maximise the usable storage time.
  • Monitoring –  Chubby has a built in monitoring system that logs and monitors all the invertor an discharging functions.  At the moment this is transmitted via WIFI but there are plans to include remote data transmission


Portable Energy – Use Chubby as a transportable power source.  Ideal for hire companies, events, concerts, remote locations

UPS –  Whilst the UPS features of the unit are not as fast as a dedicated UPS they will catch a power loss in milliseconds and transfer power seamlessly from Grid to battery in the event of a power failure.  The transfer times are fast and at worse you may experience a small dip in lights.

Grid Smoothing – If you need a smooth clean power source then Chubby can clean dirty erratic grid voltages and provide clean and smooth power.  Great for musicians at rock concerts or to power that sensitive laboratory equipment.

Solar Storage –  Don’t waste that precious solar energy – Store it in Chubby for use later when its needed.   If you have excess we can even export this back to the grid.

OFF Grid Applications –   With an optional Generator control module with transfer switch Chubby is ideal for off grid energy storage.  We can charge from solar or generator and power loads.

HYBRID Applications  –  Large residential, small business and commercial applications can all benefit from the features of Chubby.  Connected to your business Chubby can store energy from solar in the battery or power your loads, can act as a UPS in the event of a power outage, can feed back excess solar to the grid, can call a Generator to start in extended outage or low solar periods.   Chubby is extremely versatile.


At the time of the Energy Storage conference in October 2018 Chubby is a product showcase.  Its and R&D project conducted by Betta Batteries to showcase what is possible with not just the batteries we sell by the Hybird Technology that we also manufacture.  By combining our technologies, a massive knowledge base within our team, our solutions based approach and some great partners we can commercialise this product given some time.  If you have an interest in this product and feel that you would like to purchase commercial units than please have a conversation with us and we can explore this with our partners here in Australia and abroad.


We are still finalising the pricing for Chubby but we are keen to hear your input here.

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