4 thoughts on “Under bonnet charging

  1. David Boevink says:

    I’m looking at buying one of your lead crystal batteries soon. What “battery type” setting on my DC to DC charger should I use?

    1. marketingau says:

      Sorry for the delay in reply David. This would depend on the DC/DC unit you bought or are planning to buy, for most available DC/DC we would recommend the AGM setting depending on where it would be used. Far North Queensland will give great results with the AGM setting, South Australia in the winter would need a bit higher voltage so the Li Ion or flooded setting would be better. This is all related to the temperature and the amount of current the DC/DC can output. Redarc and CTEK now have chargers in the market with dedicated Lead Crystal battery profiles pre loaded

  2. Phil says:

    Will my ctek ds250s dc to dc charger work with these lead crystal batteries?

    1. marketingau says:

      Hi Phil, the ds250s is a 25amp dc to dc I understand. With a unit of that size you could charge up to an 80amp CNFJ Lead Crystal battery or 120amp EVFJ Lead Crystal. If you choose a battery bigger than these you’ll need to upgrade your dcd to dc charger.

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